‘The Power-Loom Weaver’s Lament’ is an undated broadside. The copy we found is in Keighley Library, and we have not yet identified other copies. This is a version of the earlier and well-known song, ‘The Hand-Loom Weaver’s Lament’.

‘The Short Timer’ is by John Hartley, popular song-writer and performer from Halifax. Jennifer performs another of Hartley’s poems on our Youtube playlist.

‘Fast Loom Weyver’s Rhyme’ is by Ben Turner (1863-1942), a textile worker, journalist, trades union organiser and poet from Huddersfield. He was a founder member of the Independent Labour Party and later the Labour MP for Batley and Morley.

‘Poor Little Factory Girls’ is by William Wright or ‘Bill o’th’Hoylus End’ of Keighley (1836-1897), a warp-dresser with a colourful career as soldier, showman and writer.

Full texts of all poems are available to download on ‘The Factory Muses’ page.